Shorts from GALICIA


Galicia, a region in northwestern Spain, has a population of 2.7 million and an autonomous government, XUNTA DE GALICIA, with specific competencies in the audiovisual sector. Alongside its own public television, TVG, Xunta de Galicia acts as a leading promoter of audiovisual content, through the large number of production and service companies based in the Galicia region.

Thanks to its magnificent countryside and the competence of its professionals, Galicia has been the chosen location for large-scale international co-productions and major successes from Spanish cinema. Roman Polanski, Coline Serreau, Emilio Estévez, Pedro Almodóvar, Alejandro Amenábar, José Luis Cuerda... are only a few of the directors that have shot their films either in part or wholly in the region, utilising local technical and artistic talent.

Galicia has also an important animation industry. Since 2001 (year of production of the first European full-lenght 3D film entirely created in A Coruña) the Spanish Film Academy has given awards to large numbers of animation films produced in this region, which have also been exported worldwide.

Added to this is a diversity of formats and numerous TV series and content derived from Galician Television, with excellent results in both fiction as well as the documentary genres.

Galicia is favourably positioned for future investment and as a pace setter in the audiovisual sector, not only owing to the entrepreneurialism of its corporate infrastructure, but also to its solid roster of producers, screenwriters, technicians and actors. But the heritage does not end here: we possess magnificent natural resources, from mountains to hundreds of kilometres of coastline, a wealth of outstanding cultural and architectural treasures, visited yearly by millions of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, all coupled with a vibrant and robust spirit of enterprise.

All this drives us to seek new opportunities and challenges throughout the world, new screens for our productions and new pathways to open. We proudly present six short films from last year, selected by a board of experts who have considered them to be the best samples in their field.