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Burning mountains that spew flame

Montañas ardientes que vomitan fuego

Documental – Experimental / Spain – 2016 / 14 min

Original language: Gomeran Whistle / Spanish and English subtitles


Directors and producers: HELENA GIRÓN, SAMUEL M. DELGADO


The earth’s core offers a safe haven from a threat that is drawing ever closer to the island. Volcanic tubes become channels of communication between time and space. And it is in these very tubes that they encounter resistance.

Helena Girón (Santiago de Compostela, 1988). Her current work is focused both on documentary and experimental cinema using physical materials and photochemical processes. Her films have been selected by many international film festivals. She is a visiting professor at ECAM and IFIC. After getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication, she completed a Master’s in Screenwriting for Film and Television at Carlos III University of Madrid, a Master’s in cinematography at the ESCAC and an Anthropology Degree at UNED.

Samuel M. Delgado (Tenerife, 1987). His work lies largely between experimental and non-fiction films. He co-directed the film Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers!, and wrote the screenplay for the feature film Slimane directed by Jose A. Alayón. He directed the short film Malpaís. As an editor, he worked on the short film Tout le monde aime le bord de la mer by Keina Espiñeira, which had its world premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. He is a visiting professor at San Antonio de Los Baños EICTV in Cuba, ECAM, Instituto del Cine de Madrid and at IFIC.

Contact: HELENA GIRÓN (Director) helenagiron@gmail.com –
Cell: +34 616 546 885